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EWQ Digital Signage

Digital display solution for increased sales

EWQ Digital Signage is a solution for efficient presentation and management of marketing and information material. Big displays with rich and striking content ensures customers attention right there where the buying decisions are made.

In particular, EWQ Digital Signage provides businesses of all types with benefits, from engaging customers to helping eliminate printing costs to maintaining consistent visual messaging across multiple locations.

There are limitless ways to exploit the EWQ Digital Signage, for example campaigns, guidance, information and image marketing. The content can be presented as text, pictures and even videos. Instead of various management systems, all management and production of the digital signage and electronic shelf labels can be handled by one system!

System Overview

Reduce labor and material costs

You can reduce or even eliminate printing costs, since text and images are displayed on screen. Content is quickly and efficiently updated, without the need to print large amounts expensive paper prints or to deploy multiple employees to change them manually.

Businesses with more than one location can quickly update multiple digital signs to maintain a cohesive visual experience — easily changing from one “sign” to another with a few clicks.

Coherent content management

The maintenance and update of the content is simple and doesn’t require extra work or adjustment. Instead of various management systems for different displays, all management and production can be handled by one system.

More sales

Reliable and interesting content is displayed at the right places at the right time, EWQ Digital Signage guarantee that. New layouts, product information and prices, videos, pictures and campaigns is possible to change as often as wanted and even preset the content to specified timing!

Our customers


The pictures and videos of the digital sigange make the Finnish makeup manufacturer, Lumene stand out and draw attention even a distance.

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Koivukylä Pharmacy

Koivukylä Pharmacy renewed their digital store marketing with the EWQ Digital Signage.

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